Humans of Catholic Hoos

Jack Trotter

How did the existing community at Catholic Hoos allow you to make meaningful friendships?

Jack: As a transfer student living off grounds, community was a concern for me starting the new school year. I wanted authentic friendships which drew me closer to God, and in Catholic Hoos, I found that. Within a day of being on campus, Nate, our president, had already reached out to me and invited me to dinner and Mug party. It seemed like almost immediately, I belonged to this community. People who I had never even met before would say hi to me in the dining hall, somehow already knowing my name. It was nice to feel so intentionally cared for in a community I had no ties in. Fireside mass, Tuesday supper, and Pig Roast are obvious events which people might point to as places where they would expect the community of Catholic Hoos to be built. For me, God has built a more hidden community. While the socializing is great, and good for so many reasons, I also love the little things, like the people who I may not know too well, but see at the 8 am Mass every morning, and give a quick smile as I walk to my pew. Or the students whose schedule aligns with mine, so we seem to always be in the chapel at the same time of day. God gives big gifts of community, but he also gives smaller presents, and sometimes, it is in that littleness which I truly feel at home.