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Student Registration

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Becoming Catholic

We welcome all those who are interested in learning more about the Catholic faith. For those who are not Catholic and desire to be baptized or received into the Church, we host faith formation sessions, OCIA (the Order of Christian Initiation for Adults) through St. Thomas Aquinas University Parish. These sessions meet weekly throughout the academic year.

OCIA’s goal is to nurture a free, intelligent, and complete response to the living Word of God, entailing formation in liturgy (worship of God), catechesis (knowledge about the faith) and discipleship (living the model of Jesus Christ in daily life). The conversion of the heart and mind is nurtured by the universal Church, the parish, the family, and the sponsor.

Conversion and initiation is a spiritual journey. This pilgrimage of the heart takes place through distinct stages over a period of time to bring about a deeper commitment to Christ, a thorough understanding of the Catholic faith, a firm commitment to the liturgical and moral responsibilities of a fully Christian life, and an experience of the parish community.

Interested in learning more? Send a message to our chaplain, Fr. Joseph-Anthony Kress ([email protected]).